3 Steps to Create A Cozy Home!

3 Steps to Create A Cozy Home!

Do you look around your home and wish it could look like the cover a home magazine? Do you crave that brightness, joy, and cozy home feeling?

I’m here to help you create the cozy home of your dreams in 3 simple steps!

  1. Repurpose: Do you love going “junking” or “thrifting” or do you have items in your home that were passed down to you? One of my favorite things to do is to repurpose antiques! I love looking at a Cupboard and figuring out where could I use this in my home? Cupboards are perfect for your pantry items, pots and pans, games, photo albums — anything you need to store! I know it sounds obvious but these cupboards that have aged are a piece of art and when you combine that with a cupboard — its a beautiful combination!
  2. Repaint: Yes! Break out those paint brushes and start painting your furniture! Don’t know where to start? Well I can tell you with 8 years of painting experience, latex (regular house paint) would be the easiest to make a change! I’ve been asked a lot, a lot and I always would say start with just regular paint and go from there! It’s the quickest way to change a cupboard. However, if you are looking for a more aged or creative technique….then I would try Milk Paint -which we have just added to our website! There is more of a learning curve when working and finishing Milk Paint — so it will take a little time to understand it! Plus there are SO many ways to paint and finish — I still have not gone through every kind of combination! I am currently working on how to offer more information to you guys! So hang tight!
  3. Reproduction: That’s our specialty! We’ve built and painted furniture for over 8 years now! And if you are needing a piece that you just can’t find or need custom dimensions…that’s where we come in! Think about all the possibilities! We recently did a farmhouse sink cabinet and our Wool Mill Cupboard for customers who are doing a kitchen remodel! They want to stay in the same time period as the house so adding some of our new “old” pieces helps give the kitchen character! We can’t wait to see it when its done! Addison’s talented carpentry skills are amazing! He truly cares about each piece, as do I when we build them for you! We are honored to be a part of your home! If there is every an idea you have or something you are looking for just send us an e-mail. Our website has most of our builds on it — not all — been too many to count over the years! And some pictures are pretty fuzzy!

All in all I think the best way to create a cozy home is to collect items you love! What I love most of all is incorporating different styles into a home. I am not just primitive, I am not just farmhouse, I am not just a little country, glam (I like things that sparkle - watch out for Christmas time!) . I am all of them and more! Plus I am also kid friendly - these are the good old days ! What is your combination of styles?!

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