5 Timeless Decorating Trends - That Will Never Go Out Of Style

5 Timeless Decorating Trends - That Will Never Go Out Of Style

They say when you decorate with items you love, they will never go out of style. There is truth in that, if you love an item then why not decorate with it! I think you can make any style work together!

Here are 5 Decorating Trends that are timeless for any Primitive, Country, Rustic or Farmhouse Style:

1. Antiques - They have stood the test of time and if they are still around today then that means its a pretty good piece to decorate with! The patina alone on Antiques makes them a piece of art! And if its a cupboard you find that you can still use - thats a win!

2. Neutral Walls - Now don't get me wrong but color is fun to add to walls but there is just something so classic about neutral walls. Whether its white, beige, light gray, they all help brighten up any space! And then you can let you decor really stand out and be a focal point!

3. Minimalism - Yes, less is more! I know it's hard when you love to collect an item and you just keep compiling items. And to each its own, if you love to have a full house - go for it!  

4. Baskets - When you can find an old antique basket it will add so much warmth to your decor! You can use baskets on top of cupboards, hanging down from the ceiling, or as a beautiful table centerpiece! This even includes tobacco baskets too! 

5. Wooden Boxes - Old crates and boxes can be used as decor and double as storage! They have a rustic patina on them already and are always welcome in a Primitive, Country, Rustic or Farmhouse Home! 

These 5 Decorating Trends will always be in style for your Farmhouse Home! And when I say Farmhouse that also includes Primitive, Rustic and Country Homes as well!

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