5 Tips for a Successful Garden!

5 Tips for a Successful Garden!

Time to start planting that garden! Did you wait for after Mother's Day or did you start sooner?

I'll be honest, we planted our garden last year right off of our front porch! Yup! It's the place where it gets great sun and the soil was amazing last year! We had an abundance of tomatoes and peppers! Best of all it was easy to just go out the door, on the porch, and pick our vegetables for the night!

Here are 5 Tips for your successful garden this year!

1. Choose the perfect spot to put your garden! Make sure there is a least 6 hours of sunlight a day on your garden! And try to plan it close to a water source to make it easier for those days where the plants need water! 

2. Time to mix up your soil! Making sure your soil is nutrient rich will make for a great crops! Composting your vegetable peels and egg shells help provide nutrients for your plants!

3. Grow what you love! Make a list of vegetables you regularly eat and let that be the guide! If you are ever too overwhelmed with your garden, try offering extras to a neighbor or friend! We have also found freezing our tomatoes whole, make for additions to our meals in the winter time!

4. Starting from seeds or plants! That's up to you! Seeds need to be started earlier and most likely inside. We have just used plants from a local nursery and have had a lot of success over the years. I think next year we might try a couple plants starting from seeds.

5. Nip the weeds as soon as you can! The easiest way to take care of weeds spreading is getting them when they are small! If we go out for a few minutes a day to take care of the weeds, it will save in the long run! Turn on your favorite music or just listen to nature sounds! We know, we aren't fond of weeding either but we're finding ways to make it fun!

Share your pictures of your garden on social media with us! We don't just want the inside of your home to be beautiful, but the outside too! 


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