Crafting Dreams: Our Journey in Building a Family Business

Crafting Dreams: Our Journey in Building a Family Business

In a world where the names Joanna Gaines and Chip Gaines have become synonymous with rustic charm and farmhouse elegance, allow us to introduce ourselves – we're Katie and Addison. While we may not be the Gaines duo, we've been on an extraordinary journey of our own, dedicating the last 11 years to building a family business that's deeply rooted in our unique blend of primitive, rustic, farmhouse, and country styles. In this blog post, we want to share our story, our passion, and the lessons we've learned along the way.

Our journey began with a simple dream – to create a space that encapsulates the warmth and nostalgia of rural living. And we used what we had in front of us to get started!

Finding Our Style: You know the song, "I was country…when country wasen’t cool” by Barabara Mandrell? This is how I feel about our authentic country style. In a world saturated with design trends, finding our own aesthetic was a challenge. But through trial and error and a shared passion for authentic, lived-in spaces, we discovered our unique blend of primitive, rustic, farmhouse, and country styles. This fusion allows us to infuse each project with our personalities while creating spaces that feel like a good old cozy country home.

The Family Dynamic: What sets our business apart is the family bond that's woven into every project. Working alongside your spouse isn't without its challenges, but it's also a remarkable source of strength. The synchronicity of our ideas, the mutual understanding of each other's strengths, and the unwavering support during tough times have all played a role in our success. There are definitely tough days but the ones that are amazing are totally worth it!

Lessons Learned: Our journey hasn't been without its setbacks and lessons. We've learned the importance of adaptability, especially in an ever-evolving industry. We’ve built thousands of pieces of furniture till our hands got tired. We’ve palletized shipments and crossed our figures with hopes they would make it to the customer. Staying true to our style while incorporating new items has been a lot of fun! Life is a journey and so is business :-)

It's easy to romanticize the idea of running a family business, but the reality is that it takes hard work, dedication, and persistence. There were times when we faced doubts and setbacks, but our passion for what we do and our belief in each other pushed us forward.

So, we are Katie and Addison, a dynamic duo who've poured their hearts and souls into building a family business that reflects their unique blend of primitive, rustic, farmhouse, and country styles. Our journey has been a testament to the power of dreams, family, faith, and the beauty of embracing one's own distinct path. As we continue to craft spaces that resonate with our clients, we invite you to follow along – after all, every journey is worth sharing.

If you're intrigued by our journey and want to see more of our projects, join us on our social media channels and be part of our ever-growing community!

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