Fall Floral Favorites!

Fall Floral Favorites!

We have so many fall favorites this season! Aside from our own handmade furniture, I have a slight obsession with faux florals. Why? Because they add so much to a home! I didn't know what I was missing before! It adds a soft coziness to any area in your home. They don't need to be watered! (For me, thats important) The realism of todays florals is incredible! I can't count how many people asked me if I was growing topiaries! 

For this Fall season we suggest starting with a beautiful garland, candle ring, and wreath! The Sonora Wreaths and Garlands are gorgeous with so many details like adorable mini pumpkins! If you are looking more traditional, bittersweet is always a staple for fall decorating! The realism of the bittersweet garlands and bouquets are awesome! All the branches are bendable to be able to shape however you'd like! And for the neutral colors we have gorgeous eucalyptus candle rings and draping garlands! I love draping garlands because they are so easy to just add to a basket or crock or shelf, and the way they naturally fall helps soften any decor!

There is always another shelf or top of a cupboard or table that could use some floral love! We'll leave the color choices up to you! But, I do love that there are so many trends with fall! Whether you like traditional fall colors or neutrals we have options for you! 

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