How to Find your Perfect Garland!

How to Find your Perfect Garland!

Sometimes what you are looking for you already have! Even when it comes to your homes florals! I know you have a stash, now let's break out the box and take a look at it!

And if you don't have any florals, well then take a look around our website, we've got some of the best to offer you! 

Back to your florals....sometimes you don't have the perfect garland because....

You need to mix it with another garland!

We layer ourselves for this time of year, why not layer up our garlands! 

It's so much fun to start out with one garland, add another one, maybe some picks....and you have the perfect garland full of holiday cheer!

For example, let's look at Fall, start with a leafy garland, add in some bittersweet or berry garland or picks! Perfect! You have a full garland! 

Have fun playing!

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