How To Make a Christmas Garland

How To Make a Christmas Garland

We have a couple Christmas Garland Ideas to try!

Do you mix up Christmas decor every year or do you decorate your home the same way? We love to mix it up and also try something new!

Like....mixing garlands together! We're talking flocked garlands, green garlands, cranberry picks and so much more! 

Here are some examples of different Garlands we created! The first picture is our mixed flocked garland with our draping cedar and draping willow picks! I would have never thought this combination went together but I am so glad I tried something new! 

Next...we used our Long Pine Needle Garland with our Draping Willow Picks. I didn't think the combination would work either but there is something about the hanging willow that helps make this full garland look and feel even fuller! 

Next Time You Decorate Your Garland....try something new! Even if its just to see what it looks like! :-) Have fun and enjoy decorating!


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