Real or Faux Christmas Tree?

Real or Faux Christmas Tree?

Which one are you? Do you go out and get a Christmas Tree or do you have yours already in the house and just need to put it up? It has long been debated on which one is better, but honestly it all depends upon you! Here's my take on real or faux Christmas trees...

I grew up with a faux Christmas tree and it was the same one since I was little - its lasted a long time! I remember the night we used to sit around and put up the tree. And I would compare it to the same feeling as going out and getting a Christmas Tree. We would work together as a family listening to Christmas music piecing the tree together one branch at a time. Each layer of the tree was alphabetized and each branch need to be fluffed! It took a little while but that was alright once it was always pretty to look at! I couldn't tell you how many times guests thought we had a real tree! And as the years went on..some needles started falling off so it was almost real! The only thing missing was the fresh pine smell....but we solved that with either a pine scented candle or...pine spray! 

Now onto real Christmas trees...once I got married is when we got one because my husband grew up with getting real trees. So we went to the farm picked one out, brought it home, set up the water, the tree stand, and then the tree! The fresh smell of pine was great and there was only a small amount of needles on the floor. As the days went on, for me, it was hard to remember I had to water the tree! Growing up with a faux tree, it's just not something I am used too! And once the tree is dried out and the needles are falling more frequently, it's done. Whether or not you make it to Christmas Day or one week after, once the tree is done...and it can be a mess to clean up. I know they have the bags you can put around the tree...but that sometimes doesn't always work. And when you take the tree out of the house...well its not as small or nicely wrapped as when it first came in! For us it was easier to throw the tree out of the window it was next too!

So can you guess which tree we have now.....

Yup, back to a faux tree! I like it because there is less of a mess and I can put it up and take it down whenever! It's all in how you look at it and what works for each family! Every family is different with traditions whether you keep the same or start new ones! I really am pleased with the faux tree because now a days they make them so simple to put together with the lights already on! With it only being in three maybe took 10 minutes to do! And I still get to get my fluff on and bend the branches to make it look realistic as possible! Plus....branches are stronger to hold certain ornaments, which I like! Once that real tree was done and you start hearing the ornaments hit the floor, it's over! We are enjoying our Christmas tree already, I know its early but I feel like the season will be over in a flash! And with our little kids I always want it to be magical! If I start decorating early then I get to spend more time doing all the fun holiday activities!

Whatever you choose...enjoy the memories you make with your family! 


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