Thank YOU!

Thank YOU!

It's Katie here and on behalf of my husband Addison and myself we just want to say


We appreciate your orders so much! Whether its our handmade items or our hand picked items for our website, we are so grateful for your support!

You have helped us donate last year more than ever to amazing children charities, veterans and food banks! Every purchase you made had an impact and this year we are doing it all over again!

We are focusing on charities that help with home building. Donating to charities like Building Homes for Heroes, Habitat for Humanity, Homes for Our Troop, because they all focus on building homes!

When you buy something for your home, you are building a home for someone else! And we all know how important a home is! I just get a warm feeling thinking about home! 

This year, we've been thinking about our big "why" behind our shop. If we can work together as a family and be able to give back then life is good! 

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