Top 5 Decorating Tips for Farmhouse Decor

Top 5 Decorating Tips for Farmhouse Decor

You love the idea of Farmhouse decor but you're not quite sure where to start? Well, we got you covered with 5 Tips that will help you get started on creating your Farmhouse Decor!

1. Antiques

Remember those antiques your grandmother gave you? Well you can use the ones you like the most to decorate with! Think about repurposing them!

2. Repaint

Farmhouse style loves a great painted cupboard! Especially chippy white! Bring your furniture to life with repainting it! We like milk paint the best!

3. Simple

Keep it simple! Less is more! You don't want to overdecorate covering every square inch. Work in 3'. Using 3 design elements in groups! (Wreath box, bowl, floral)

4. Our favorite addition to any room is adding florals! And we're talking faux or real! Most of the time when you think you need something to add...its a floral. A pick on a shelf, a vase with a floral, or a wreath! Faux is great because they don't need water!

5. Lastly, bring in the wood textures! Old baskets, tobacco baskets, wooden buckets, they have a great way of adding warmth and character to a room!

Most of all, anything that you truly love will never be out of style! 

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