Old Furniture Is A Good Thing!

Old Furniture Is A Good Thing!

Old is a good thing! Why? Because it means it has stood the test of time! Thats why we have a love for antiques and making items that will be around for a while! 

Oh man if cupboards could talk, could your imagine the stories antique cupboards could tell?!

This is why when we paint, we use Milk Paint to replicate the same colors and textures found on antiques. Its not the easiest process but its worth it! (I do teach my painting techniques - if you are interested let me know!)

Every piece comes out a little different and is unique! 

Why we love this paint?!

Because its non-toxic, eco-friendly!

And mostly because Milk Paint has been around a very long time! It's Old! And thats a great thing! It's an honor! 

We hope you have a great day and the sun is shining! 

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