Top 3 Tips for Decorating this Summer

Top 3 Tips for Decorating this Summer

With spring wrapping up it is time to shift to summer decorating. We want to help make it easy with these three tips for decorating this summer.

Top 3 Tips for Decorating this Summer

Roll up your sleeves and let's freshen up for summer with our easy summer decorating tips. 

1. Adding greenery

Adding in green can really add a dose of life into your decorating this summer. According to Bourn Creative, "Green [is] , the color of life, renewal, nature, and energy, [and] is associated with meanings of growth, harmony, freshness, safety, fertility, and environment."

Such a great list of attributes to symbolize as you add in greenery to your decor. Add in wreaths, garlands, and more with our Fresh Green Collection or our Summer Days Collection

2. Repaint

Painting is such an easy way to change up your decor and right now is the perfect time to paint furniture and home decor pieces for summer decorating. Add in fresh colors and techniques. Plus, if you have been hoping to add in some new painting skills, we can teach you! 

We dive deep into our tips, tricks, and techniques in our Milk Painting course. Take what we learned through lots of trial and error and create your own beautiful pieces.

3. Swap out furniture and decor

Maybe it is time to do a little rearranging! Summer furniture and decor rearranging that is. Take what you have, and give it a new home. Then pair it with something new or new to you from our shop to stretch and update your decor for summer.

Take an inventory of your pieces and get creative. Draw up new plans for your current pieces on graph paper or create a digital mood board. Play around and then get moving. Maybe it is time to take pieces from your living room and incorporate them in the kitchen or vice versa. And this also makes it easier to see if you need new pieces to add in!

Shop for what is new in our shop here.

What plans do you have for your summer decorating? We would love to hear about it in the comments!

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