What’s the NEW Farmhouse Style?

What’s the NEW Farmhouse Style?

If you've always loved farmhouse style, we want to help you get the look with what is new in farmhouse style and decor.

If you are looking for tips on how to update your decor for summer find them here.

What’s the NEW Farmhouse Style?

Farmhouse style has definitely changed and evolved over the years. Want to know what is new in farmhouse style and decor? We have three ways to incorporate a fresh touch to your farmhouse decor.

Using Passed Down Antiques

The first tips is to use something NEW to you. Dig out those passed down pieces and add them as a way to breathe in something fresh to your current decor. These unique pieces hold history and a one of a kind farmhouse charm to your decor and home. 

Decorate with items you love

Have you seen an item your love somewhere else? find your own and start using it in your farmhouse decor. The new farmhouse style allows you to add in touches of what you love. Maybe that is with a little bit of color. Or maybe it is with a mix of modern and primitive pieces. 

Choose Your Color Palette

Think you are locked into a specific color palette when decorating in a farmhouse style? Think again! You can go for a wide variety of colors to complement the standard neutrals that are generally used in farmhouse style.  Go more traditional by adding pops of blue or red, but don't stop there. 

Work in just about any color in small doses amongst the neutrals. The only caveat would be to work with muted tones of the color you are going with. 

Overall, you can add in your own touches and mix and match with the new farmhouse style! We are here to help you get started with our cupboards, decor, and even our how to milk paint class to get the special look you want on pieces you already have. 

How have you incorporated the new farmhouse style into your home?

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